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Good afternoon!

Scott Reed, our 16th District Councilman, is working with us to correct sidewalks that are raised.
He walked the neighborhood with Scott Gregory on Sunday taking pictures and noting house numbers where sidewalks were raised.
They recorded many of the raised sidewalks but want to make sure that they have all of them.
If you have a raised sidewalk in front of your house, please notify myself or Scott Gregory. 
He will review if it has been noted and if not he will pass the information to Scott Reed.
Thanks for your help.
 The flyer for our event next Saturday! The number on the flyer will allow anyone to directly reach the local fiber specialist should they have any questions. I have also included a simple flyer with pricing tiers. Finally if any residents contact you with construction related issues please have them email me with images, their name, address, phone number and email address so that I can have our construction team contact them to assist!
Aaron Trammell
South East States Fiber Field Execution
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