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***************BELOW IS AN UPDATE FROM ATT FOR OUR AREA************************
Hello Property manager and board members,
AT&T has a project planned to upgrade their existing facilities in WOLF CREEK COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION, INC.   The work will be to convert their existing outdated facilities with new state of the art communications facilities allowing for higher internet speeds and more features for residents.  No existing service will be disturbed.  The project will requires digging and boring so it is important that the community and board be informed of the upgrade as a courtesy.     All restoration is guaranteed by AT&T.  Attached is a letter to the community with a list of frequently asked questions I believe may be helpful to explain what AT&T will be doing along with a power point showing what it looks like when they are doing the upgrade in pictures and methods of placement.  Door hangers will be placed on residents doors prior to construction.  The door hanger will have the name and contact information for the construction company should any restoration be required.
The project is scheduled to start approximately over the next 3-5 months, possibly sooner or later.   AT&T will be ordering locates ad placing door hangers prior to construction.  Please contact me with any questions you may have.  I will be happy to assist with any concerns you have during the project.
Thank you,
Jennifer Lewer
ROW Coordinator/Sub-contractor AT&T Southeast
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